Examples of Past History Events with Historian Chris Hare


Summer 2015



The Memories of the Past a day of Oral History.

Sidney Walter Centre, Saturday 1st August, 10.30am 4.30pm

20 per person (17.50 before 1st May)

Learn why Oral History is so important in understanding the recent past and how it can offer unique insights for historians hoping to get closer to what life was really like in an era now outside of living memory.

Chris will be playing excerpts from interviews he conducted in the late 1990s and early 2000s with people aged between 77 and 104, many of whom vividly remembered life before the First World War and the very different world that then existed.

Chris will also be explaining how Oral History developed and how it stands in elation to other historical sources. He will also be giving some tips on how to interview older relations and friends and the value of such relationships to both the interviewee and interviewer.

Anglo-Saxon Sussex.

Sidney Walter Centre, Saturday 22nd August, 10.30am 4.30pm

20 per person (17.50 before 1st May)

It was the Saxons who gave their name to Sussex the kingdom of the South Saxons. But who were these people and where did they come from, and more importantly, why did they settle here? What is the latest thinking about their lives, their religion, and their occupations?

Was Sussex once an independent kingdom, and if so, what power did its king exercise? Why did Sussex briefly control the Isle of Wight? What happened when St. Wilfrid arrived to spread the word of Christianity?

What can we say are the lasting legacies today of our Saxon inheritance? How can we separate the fact from the romanticised fiction?

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Any queries please contact Chris at sussexhistory.hare@gmail.com or call him on 07794 600639

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